A 6 x 8 box that features a crystal cluster set in handmade fused glass. Beveled glass sides and a mirrored bottom. The hand forged copper handle and a coating of electroplated copper finished the one-of-kind, signed piece.

A 6 x 8 fused glass box with a slice of Amethyst Crystal. It’s set in fused glass like all of my boxes. The glass is made in my  studio special for each box. All boxes have a mirrored bottom and beveled glass sides.  Every box features a hand forged copper handle and copper electroplating for lasting beauty.

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This 5 x 6 box features a natural Brazilian agate set in Fused Glass.  I leave the  edge of the stone exactly as nature created it.  My work is very much about nature and I strive to  place gemstones in a surrounding that will accomplish that.  The box has a hand forged copper handle as all of my boxes.

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